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March 12, 2008



hi kate,

nice drawings.. i was just wondering, is that mount franklin from australia?




they are beautiful!!
I would like to have one of those packages :)


i love your trees!

Maria E.

Sounds like a fun project! :)


Beautiful trees! :)


Hi Kate,

I only recently discovered your work in a book about Illustration and fell in love with it. The birds you draw remind me a lot of the ones I draw as well and the initial illustration on your webpage feels so much like 'coming home' that it makes my heart dance with joy.

On another note, I had been wanting to get a second tattoo for a long time. I knew I wanted, either a bird or a tree. The thing is, I'm not good at drawing, but I had the perfect image of what I wanted in my head all this time. I think I might get one of your illustrations. I wanted something that looked like it could have come out from a children's mind. Thought I'd let you know.

Hope to hear back from you, keep doing what you are doing. It's great!

Cheers from Peru,


florent de france

tes arbres sont magnifiques

Jen b

well aren't those just lovely. i wish i lived near that billboard.


i've seen these billboards here in Australia. they are great.


love these trees! I am a HUGE tree fan. Also Excited about Earth Day!

Also, your name is Kate too. You must be cool!

Love your stuff, lets be friends!


I adore those trees!! I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing them around lately. Your artwork brings so much pleasure to people. The mark of a true artiste!! xxx scarlett


another brilliant design kate!! these are fantastic!


mmmm! these tress are fabuloso!
what fun!

cat tree

I have seen lot of pictures..all are very nice.

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