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October 08, 2007



Oh my word... these are fantastic!!! You made these? If so are they available for purchase?





I love these!!! Very cool!!!


must. have. those are superfantastic.


HOLY CRAP - those are amazing? I'd like to know if they're for sale too!!! So cool!

kate sutton

thanks for all the lovely comments : ) they are for an exhibition in the US but if anyone would like a clock i'm sure i could make a couple more! kxx


I would love a clock, how do I order one?

beth Gunnell

Hi Kate, I would really love a cuckoo clock too, they are brilliant..How do I order and how much? thank you. From Beth Gunnell


Oh I heart your cuckoos so much! I covet all of them and would also be lined up for one should you make them available.

kate sutton

I was thinking about putting them on my etsy shop but then decided it wouldn't really work because I would have to make each one to order so they would all be slightly different. If people contact me via email (kate@sleepycow.com) then we could work out cost and which clock you would like it basing on!

I had an idea last night that I may get some clock parts and make actual cardboard cuckoo clocks, is this something anyone would be interested in? XX


so so adorable!! oh, i want three all in a row on my wall! how perfect!!


Wow! Not hand carved wood, but you certainly have captured the handicraft artistry of the authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock. Great Job!


Very nice and innovative design cuckoo clocks. I do cuckoo clock repairs by mail from my website at www.cuckooclockdoctor.com If you ever have questions about cuckoo clocks just go to the site and click on a spinning red mail box. I answer questions from all over the world, even Mississippi.


John "Papa" Barnette
Moscow, TN USA

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just beautiful and chik very fantastic!!!

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I would love a clock too. I would like to buy!


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