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December 07, 2011


research paper

that is a cool looking Christmas tree


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You'll find it funny.For the last week I have been going to write an article entitled "The Pioli Decision".cheap coach bags The gist from the article would have been that Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli is going to be faced with a difficult decision when the year has finished.Actually.two decisions that have consequences on each several other.One.what to do with the quarterback.And two.what to do with the head coach.coach wallets You would think that the Chiefs need to at least consider drafting a quarterback in the earliest round of the draft this year.And head coach Todd Haley has (had) one full year left on his contract.coach outlet : http://www.coachoutletstoreonlinev.com/ If Pioli believes in Matt Cassel.he then can allow Haley to coach the team because of the final year of his contract before making your final decision on extending Haley's contract or replacing your man
But if the Chiefs draft a quarterback.you can't let Haley dangle with just one full year left.You either have to fire him at the finish of the season.or extend his contract.It wouldn't be fair to tell Haley he is coaching for his job.and then hand him a rookie quarterback.But on Monday.Pioli fired Haley.Is it fair From a coaching standpoint.probably not.Haley made mistakes this year.but there were circumstances well beyond his manage.I've read many of the local and a national articles about Pioli's decision.but I want to take this from some other viewpoint.The perspective connected with an employer.I look in the minority.but I like Todd Haley.I think he's a good coach long year acer trends show only 001 more acelenolysunci topics now pr29 in 2012

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